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Sherrington Lifting Service complete contract lift package offers our customers expertise and complete peace of mind with any project.

Sherrington Lifting Services complete contract lift package offers our customers expertise and complete peace of mind with any project. We have over 7 years’ experience in the industry, working on projects of all sizes and levels of complexity. We fully appreciate the complexities of certain lifts work tirelessly to reduce the risks involved to ensure a smooth and safe delivery of all your lifting needs. We pride ourselves on providing full risk assessments to the highest standards, reduce dangerous lift situations whilst conducting all jobs with the highest regard to safety.

Under the CPA Standard Terms and Conditions for a Contract for the Lifting and Movement of Goods Involving Crane Operation, the safe operation of the crane and the safety and welfare of its operator are the crane owner’s responsibility.

It is up to Sherrington Lifting Services. to provide the following:

  • Carry out all work in accordance with BS 7121 and LOLER 1998.
  • Provide a competent Appointed Person* who has the knowledge, experience and
understanding of all aspects of the lifting operation.
  • Provide a qualified and competent Slinger/Signaller.
  • Plan the lift and operate a safe system of work.
  • Provide all Method Statements and Risk Assessments.
  • Ensure that the crane supplied is of a suitable type and capacity.
  • Provide a crane that is properly maintained, tested and certificated.
  • Provide a competent* operator.

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Operating In High Winds

All cranes have a maximum design wind speed for safe operation. When the wind speed exceeds this limit the crane must be taken out of service. Different types of crane, different models of the same type of crane and different configurations of the same model may operate with different maximum wind speeds. The operating wind speed for the crane will allow for

the load having a certain wind area; if this is exceeded then the working wind speed will need to be reduced (see the manufacturer’s manual for information on this).

Typical maximum operating wind speeds are:

Mobile Cranes 9.8 m/s (22 m.p.h.) Beaufort Scale 5

Proximity To Hazards

Hazards best avoided, where possible, include:

  • Overhead electric lines
  • Nearby structures
  • Other cranes
  • Railways
  • Public access areas
  • Airfields

Where any part of the crane or its load cannot be kept clear of these hazards, the appropriate authority, e.g. a local electricity supplier or Railtrack, must be consulted.

Danger from vaults or underground services must not be overlooked, and suitable precautions must be taken where they cannot be avoided.

Where the crane or its load passes closer than 600mm to an obstacle, effective precautions must be taken to avoid crushing, by preventing personnel accessing the area.

Where a crane is to be used within 15 metres plus the length of its jib, from overhead power lines on steel towers, (or 9 metres plus the length of the jib, from overhead lines on wood, concrete or steel poles) the guidance given in HSE Guidance Note GS6 must be followed.

Where a crane will work close to railway property (i.e. if it fell over and any part of it, or any load being lifted by it, could fall on railway property), consult the railway property owner and CPES.

If the crane is within 6 km of an airfield, and its height exceeds 10 m or that of the surrounding structures or trees, then the Appointed Person should seek the permission of the airfield manager before starting operations.

Ground conditions

Cranes have very high axel weights, and need good solid ground the same as a lorry would need. You will also need to make sure there are no sharp objects in the path of the crane when gaining access to the site.

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